Did Your Roof Suffer Hail or Wind Damage?

Storm season is upon us and your roof can experience damage in just a matter of minutes when heavy rain, hail or wind comes.

Heavy rain and wind can damage shingles leaving them frail and susceptible to leaks, leading to further damage inside your attic and roof system. Hail can do significant damage leaving holes, cuts and fractures in shingles that prematurely age and damage your roof. Many people don’t realize that insurance companies often prefer to buy their homeowners a new roof because it is much cheaper than to pay for interior damage later.
Just because your roof looks fine, because it held up through a big storm and it still appears intact doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Most storm damage is typically not visible from the ground and sometimes can’t be detected with an untrained eye.  Bennett Construction and Roofing will provide a complete inspection at no cost to you. Let us thoroughly inspect your roof system to determine if it is still working properly and fully protecting your home or your business.

If damage has occurred,  Bennett Construction and Roofing will be glad to serve you for all your roofing needs. You need a roofing professional on your side as you walk through the claims process with your insurance company. We will advise you of what is needed to restore your roof to fully protect your home, whether it is through a repair or a complete replacement.

We understand and we’ll act quickly during a stressful time such as this. If you are concerned about storm damage, call us today at (863) 293-2512 to schedule a complimentary roof inspection.