Bennett Construction and Roofing and many other roofing manufacturers’ require annual roof maintenance to keep the roof warranty in force.
Failure to do so will decrease your roof’s life dramatically. The following are a few of the actions to complete (yourself or professionally) before ANY rain arrives:

1. Clean gutters, down spouts and drain boxes. Leaves and debris can back up an entire gutter system and the overflowing pipes can cause leaks and damages.

2. Clear the valleys and waterways on flat roofs and pooling areas. Leaves and other debris can block the flow of water in valleys or drainage paths. This must be cleared out regularly, especially if you have trees that overhang your roof. Pooling areas from dirt piles where rotted debris literally eats through your roof and sometimes plants grow in these areas. This will ruin your roof. Excessive pooling on flat roofs and poor drainage from leaves stacked on tile roofs is especially bad.

3. Check all roof penetrations, roof hatches, doorways, vents and duct roof penetrations. Leaks most often come from pipes, vents, or flashings. This is caused by the shrinking away of the plastic cement, as it dries. Once it was oil laden and filled the crack, and now it’s dried up and this leaves a hole for water to enter. Check around all metal parts where it comes in contact with the roof or pipe. If there is a crack, fill it using a caulking gun or some plastic cement.

4. Check around each of those areas as set out in our annual roof maintenance record if you have it on your roof: Skylights, roofing metal at bottom of walls, metal valleys, metal at the top of walls, decks, drains though walls of roofs or decks, transitions between two roof slopes, additions, connections to main building, glass on roof or windows above roof, air conditioning unit at the base, air conditioning ducts along entire roof, exposed ducts and at any roof duct penetration.